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Systematic approach to exterior painting

exterior painting preparation systematic approachAmp up the curb appeal of your house and protect it from the elements by getting a professional exterior painting job by Vision Painting. We start our exterior painting services in April and we paint well into the Fall. Our expert surface preparation guarantees a long lasting pant job for exisitng, new and historical homes. We have worked on over 400 homes throughout Massachusetts, so don’t think twice about asking us a free consultation.

We Protect Your Home

We cover all of the surrounding grounds and plants with drop cloths or plastic and protect the roof from paint drips.

Exterior Painting Prep Work

Most of the houses we work on are powerwashed to remove dirt and mildew, providing a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. Then the house is allowed to dry out. We then fully scrape the entire job area and sand it to make for a better appearance and superior adhesion. We remove old caulk if it’s in poor condition and hand sand the entire job area. We caulk all the joints and gaps around window,door frames to prevent moisture from getting behind the wood.

Exterior Prime and Painting Finish

We apply a full coat first quality oil base prime,and then the high quality finish paint coats with brushes and roller ( NO SPRAYER ), then resand and recaulk wherever necessary.

Exterior Painting Clean Up

Any trash and debris is removed from the property. We use a blower to clean up all of the grounds. We strive to make sure the property is left even cleaner than it was when we arrived. At Vision Painting,we specialize in all types of interior and exterior painting; from new construction,remodeling to historic houses we have the experience needed to get the job completed right. We stain decks and do all kinds of wall prep, power washing, light carpentry, rotten wood repair and more.

Deliver What Was Promised

When it comes time to pay the bill no one likes to find it is more than they were quoted. That’s why we start by creating a highly detailed proposal with a fixed price for the stated work. The price we give you is the price you pay. If unforeseen circumstances require changes to the scope of work we will discuss the changes with you and agree on a new scope of work and pricing prior to the additional work being performed.
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