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Rotted wood repair,trims,fascia & corner boards Massachusetts.

rotten wood repair,trim repairWhen receiving a new coat of exterior painting,almost every home will have wood which has become rotten and in need of replacement.This wood-rot is caused by weather damage,such as rain,snow,or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.Some of the most commonly affected areas include siding,trim, windows,doors,sills,and railings.Other causes can also be to blame for wood-rot,including leaking plumbing or improperly installed gutters,etc.

Professional trims replacement & repair in Massachusetts

Before any major exterior paint job,it is imperative to have any rotten wood replaced.Painting over rotten or damaged wood will only lead to further problems in the future,as well as further costs. Ideally,any rotten wood should be removed from the work surface,replaced, and then primed and painted to ensure quality appearance and function.In addition,if improper installation of other products  (i.e. gutters,plumbing) is to blame for wet rot,these problems should also be addressed.

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