Lexington garage floor painting,Porch and basement floor coatings in Lexington MA

Professional porch & garage floor coatings in Lexington MA

basement floor painting Lexington MA
Vision Painting offers garage floor painting as an affordable alternative to making your Lexington MA garage or basement look like new. Epoxy material floors are easier to clean and maintain than cement alone and look much better.Epoxy floors come in many colors and textures.We have applied epoxy floors and painted floor in Lexington for residential garages, basements, and workshops as-well-as in industrial buildings. Epoxy floors can also be used to protect wood floor and steel floor surfaces.

Custom quality porch and garage floor coatings in Lexington Massachusetts

Vision Painting is your experienced Lexington MA painting flooring contractor. If you are looking for new painting flooring might be a great option for your home or business. Epoxy flooring in homes are great for custom garage floors, driveways, kitchen floors and bathroom floors. Commercial epoxy floors are great for hotels, industrial buildings, hospitals, restaurants, military facilities, churches, animal clinics, pools, decks and bathrooms.

We offer concrete,basement & garage floor painting Lexington MA:

• Garage & Porch Floor Epoxy
• Garage Floor Coating
• Garage Floor Painting
• Garage Epoxy Flooring
• Garage Floor Covering
• Garage Floor Sealant
• Concrete Staining
• Concrete Painting
• Concrete Epoxy
• Patio Staining
• Patio Epoxy
• Basement Floor Staining & Epoxy

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garage floor painting Lexington MA