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Vision Painting proudly offers residential and commercial roofing services in Wrentham MA. We have been providing customers with high-quality workmanship at an affordable rate. Getting a complete roof replacement is a major project for any homeowner in Wrentham MA. If your roof is showing signs of age or has significant damage, regular repairs and maintenance may not be enough to preserve the integrity of your roof.
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Roofing company experts in Wrentham MA

Our roofing contractors in Wrentham MA can repair most roofing systems without the need for an entire replacement. If your decking and underlayment are in good condition, and the shingles on the rest of your roof have been properly installed, then we can match and replace damaged or worn sections of shingle and minimize cost to you.

Specialty Roofing Systems in Wrentham MA

Asphalt Shingle Installation & Repair – Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for roofing systems across the country. Their durability, ease of installation, range of styles and colors, and low cost make them a great choice for most climates. We proudly use Owens Corning certified asphalt shingles.

We believe that every roofing system we install is an attractive one. With more than 9 years of roofing experience we understand that some homes call for a specialized look, and for those homes we do install specialty roofing systems. In an effort to service every type of home in need of a specialty roof we install the following roofing systems:

  • Slate Roofing Systems
  • Copper Roofing Systems
  • Tile Roofing Systems
  • Shake Roofing Systems Replacement

Don’t Risk a Leak, Contact Us For Help

Roofing repairs are commonly required in the Wrentham Massachusetts area, and putting off needed maintenance is simply not the best option. Many problems are actually quite easily repaired by a skilled crew, which means the likelihood of water damage from roof leaks is minimized. Vision Painting & Roofing, Inc. are well-versed in dealing with the damage from snow, ice, and hail the area’s homes frequently experience.

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If you need roofing repair services in Wrentham MA, talk to our team. We will be happy to keep your home beautiful and well-protected against the elements. (508) 405-0524
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