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Vision Painting specializes in wallpaper removal and striping in Asland MA. We understand that outdated wallpaper makes a house look dull, out of date, and flat out embarrassing to your neighbors and friends. Wallpaper removal, like other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought and it is important to get the job done right. At Vision Painting of Asland MA, we will first meet with you to do a proper removal assessment. A small sample test removal will be performed on the wall in questions, which is reattached afterwards, and an evaluation will be provided.

Affordable wallpaper removal services in Asland MA includes:

  • An exact quote is provided to you for stripping and removing your wallpaper,
  • Furniture is moved away from the walls and covered in plastic prior to the stripping and removal of your wallpaper,
  • Absorbable drop cloths are laid down to catch excess wallpaper stripping solution,
  • Several different enzyme solutions and techniques are used to strip and remove the wallpaper, backing, and glue,
  • Special sealers are applied to the walls after the wallpaper is stripped and removed to prepare the surface for repairs, paint, or the rehanging of new wallpaper,
  • Drywall repairs are made if necessary and spot primed.

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wallpaper removal services Asland MA