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Deck sealing, deck staining is an important step to take to ensure that your deck is protected. It is best performed during good weather conditions from spring through fall or whenever you sense a 48 hours period of dry weather. If you would like to bring your deck back to life, you have come to the right place. Our deck staining professionals have over 17 years experience in both deck staining and deck painting. Simply request and estimate using our online form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule.
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There are four types of deck stains – clear, semi-transparent, and solid stains. Clear stains as the name implies do not cover or color the wood and only coat the wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the grain. However, it offers the least protection from exposure to UV rays and should be avoided on decks that are exposed to direct sunlight most of the year. The type of stain you choose depends on the appearance and durability you want to achieve for your deck.Below we have detailed the types of stains you can choose for your wood deck:


While offering the least UV protection, clear stains provide an optimum view of natural wood grain.


Toners provide a light color that highlights wood grain and provides good durability.

Semi-Transparent Stain:

Semi-transparent stains provides very good durability as well as a rich, pigmented color that allows the natural wood grain to show through. For severely weathered natural wood, it’s recommends that you apply two coats of semi-transparent stain.

Solid Color Stain:

Solid color stains help cover up wood blemishes or unsightly grain while offering maximum durability. Advanced technology makes Solid Color Stain a perfect choice for composite decking.

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Trained professionals can restore,clean,repair and refinish an outdoor deck to its original beauty. See for yourself how premium deck restoration can make your deck look new again! Moisture and heat from the sun for extended periods of time is very harmful to wood. To allow the beauty of the wood to be visible, a transparent stain or preservative is often selected. This type of finish is usually protective only for a single year. It must be reapplied on a yearly basis. Another choice for a finish is an opaque ( non transparent ) finish. This can provide protection for more than a year.

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