Home Improvements Projects You Can Start This Pandemic Season

Mar 24, 2022 | Home Improvements

The recent pandemic scenario has given us the time to sit and ponder about the home improvement and flaws we have in our homes. With the old kitchen countertops, frayed rugs, and overall bad lighting, we have become more acquainted with our homes’ imperfections that need some fixing.

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Maybe the thought of a revamp has crossed your mind. And what better time could be for a home renovation than this almost doing nothing period!
The most important thing to consider in a home improvement project is maximizing the return on the invested amount. We should only spend enough money to bring a return when selling a home. Not overspend way much than a buyer would be willing to pay. Finding the sweet spot is a little tricky here….
Experts say that in home renovation, the bathroom and kitchen can provide the best return to homeowners. According to the stats available in the Remodeling magazine, you can retrieve 67.2 percent of a bathroom remodel cost, and 62.1 percent of a small kitchen remodel cost. The magazine also stated that we can recoup 70.8 percent from the windows remodeling.

Now fasten your seatbelts because this article will take you on a descriptive tour of home improvement projects you can do this pandemic season to spruce up your space. Keep on reading to get inspired!

Kitchen Remodeling for Home Improvement

If you feel like your kitchen looks dull and you want an affordable way to revamp it! You’re not alone in it. The current pandemic situation has made us all think about a kitchen remodeling project without paying a lot. And one thing that can instantly create a massive impact is countertops. Whether it’s a small area near your sink or an expansive island — No one can underestimate the power of captivating countertops in kitchens.
Another thing that can make an immediate impact is; faucets changing. If your taps have lost their sparkle, swap them with some new quality, attractive pieces to breathe a new life into your kitchen.
Kitchen remodeling, either it’s a small kitchen remodel or a full-fledged is usually a tough thing to do yourself; for such technical jobs, open your laptop and search for “remodel contractors near me” to receive a professional’s help at your doorstep.

Bring in More Mirrors for Home Renovation

Adding more mirrors in your space is another savvy idea of home improvement with ease. It is a brilliant way to make space look spacious and luxurious, even though mirrors are relatively low-priced. Incorporate them in varying scales and design styles to give a beneficial sense of everyday glamor to your space.
Add a mirror on your floor, hang it on a wall, put it above a mantel, or create an accent wall covered with mirrors for an elegant drama in your home. To create an accent wall, buy some beautiful mirrors hang them horizontally for an unconventional design upgrade.

Home Improvement with Layered Lighting

Proper lighting in your home can lift your spirit while making you feel more relaxed and productive. A home with poor lighting looks small and cramped, while good lighting can make it feel open and welcoming. You can brighten up your space in several ways through lights. Some of the methods are simple, like having a table or a floor lamp for your rooms. You can completely change the ambiance of your rooms just by putting a little effort into layering lights. Add some side table lamps in your rooms and couple them with floor lamps in the corners to make the whole space feel cozy and inviting.
Still, if you want to do a bit more home renovation, replace all the ceiling fixtures with some modern and geometrical lighting. Lighting fixtures are not so expensive and easy to replace, but they make a massive impact on home improvement.

Update Bathroom for Home Improvement

The bathroom is the next most popular home improvement project after the kitchen. Replace your lighting fixtures, an outdated vanity, and old plumbing and add a new tile floor; this is a sure way to get a bang for your buck while giving your bath a modern, updated look. And if you want a professional to do the remodeling, find a list of professionals on google just by typing “Remodel contractors near me.”
Either you have the money for a complete bathroom remodeling, or you’re only looking for a shower remodel; remember to make updates that are energy efficient as they will help you in your home’s resale value.

Redo your Fireplace for Home Remodeling

If your fireplace is just drying up, take advantage of it by turning it into a focal point. A fireplace can be the greatest home improvement asset, so dress it up! Paint the inside of the firebox in a bright or bold color. Put a large leafy plant or some small succulents, a metal sculpture, or other embellishments inside the space. Create a vignette or small scene using some decorative books and art. Group some candles of varying sizes and light them to create a warm and lovely setting. You can also put a knitted storage basket in the firebox to store extra stuff like throw blankets or pillows.

Final Words on Home Improvement Projects:

There are numerous home improvement projects that you can do without the messy overhaul or the huge remodeling expense. Read the article, observe your home, and ask yourself; what the most outdated features in your home are? Does it need a kitchen remodeling, a complete bathroom remodeling, or a simple shower remodel is enough for it! All of the updates mentioned in the article can go a long way to renewing your spirit, sense of well-being, and your home.
P.s If you don’t have much time to do these projects yourself, you can at any stage search for “remodel contractors near me” on the internet to get things done.


What is the difference between home improvement and home repair?

To know the difference between these two, here’s a rule of thumb to follow:
A home improvement project can prolong a property’s life, whereas a home repair project keeps the property in efficient working condition.

Why is Home Remodeling important?

Home improvement can help boost the appearance of a property. It enhances the curb appeal of your home while incorporating comfort, energy efficiency, and style. It’s important to think about a home as a long term investment, and home improvement certainly does add to its value.

Which home improvement projects add the most value?

If you want to make home improvements to sell your house, then go for a small kitchen remodel, painting, deck addition, windows replacement, and flooring to spike up the resale price.


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